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Cybersecurity: Will AI Replace Human Involvement?

While AI has made significant advancements in various fields, including cybersecurity, it is a fact that AI alone cannot replace human inputs when it comes to ...

AI Most Influential Events For Global Change 2023!

First drops of rain this autumn will remind us of the heatwaves we had to put up with in the highs of summer. It's not the only hope, there is the fragrance of ...

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Is the Artificial Intelligence Hype another dot com?

I must confess that what we’re seeing today with Artificial Intelligence hype was fiction in the ‘90s. Back then, what jerked our bellies was downloading the ...

Data Governance Setup: An Approach to Success

Data is the fuel that propels organizations past stiff competition. It is the secret behind developing new revenue sources for business.  Designing data ...

Top 5 Profitable Digital Products To Sell Online in 2023

Top 5 profitable digital products to sell online in 2023 makes the difference between your business and those of the competitors'. The new normal after the ...

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