Features an All-in-One Analytics Application for Shopify Store Should Have

Features an All-in-One Analytics Application for Shopify Store Should Have

In order to run a business, it is important to have a good eCommerce Store. This is a common fact that every store owner is aware of. However, using the analytical and reporting application to map and gap the functionality, activity, and various things in your store is important to rule this online world.

The unknown COVID-19 has no wonder locked us up inside rooms with social distancing and hygiene being the primary concerns. But along with the negative impact of COVID-19, the positive impact remains for the online businesses. Studies show that an increase of 129% year over year growth is seen in the US and Canadian E-Commerce orders as of 21st April 2020.

In order to, keep up with the increasing demand of the eCommerce store, it is important to analyze the activity of your customer’s orders, inventory stocks, customer segmentation, anomaly detection, and a lot more.

But where? Where will you exactly find such an analytical and reporting application for your eCommerce store, which can measure the store’s activities and will be easy to use.

Store AI Analytics

A ClouDhiti product has proved its worth in this trying time of the pandemic. This application is smothered by amazing features, including KPI metrics, maps to locate customers, charts tabular data, and a lot more. And interestingly, this amazing application is affordable and within the reach of any store owner.

Let’s look at the features that Store AI Analytics offers:

  1. Executive Summary Dashboard – The dashboard offers a complete analytical report of the store’s customers, orders, abandoned checkout cart, product details, and lots more. A non-techie person will also be able to understand the dashboards and charts of this application. Every chart is juxtaposed with tabular details so that store owners can map and gap with details between the two. You can even track the location of your customer with the help of the map given in the overview section simply by hovering over the country you can see your customers from that location. Therefore making the dashboards even more tangible and easy to view. 
  2. Customers – The customer tab off store Analytics the customer acquisition, new customer registration details, and activity daily report. Thereby making it easier for the store owners to view every detail at a glance. The customer tab also has the map to show the location of your customers just by hovering on the country.
  3. Products – The best selling products to the inventory count location to low stock alert, store owners can see everything under the product tab of the Store AI Analytics application. One tab to answer all the product related queries of your Store.
  4. Order Dissections – Keep the order details in close proximity. One-click on the order tab and you are all set to analyze the order details of your Store. 
  5. Customer Segmentation – Now you can track your customers’ activity and segment them. This ML-Powered feature helps to segment your store’s customer, based on their activeness and inactive ness. This helps store owner understand their customers and promote their products and discounts to potential prospects.
  6. Inventory Reports – If you are running out of stocks when customers are buying products from your Store, that can affect your store’s profit and reputation. The inventory report of the Store AI Analytics application can help with alerts right on time. Always keep a watch on the stock with the inventory report feature.
  7. Abandoned Checkouts – Ask why your customers are leaving the product on their cart. The abandoned checkout feature of Store AI Analytics will help owners figure out how many customers have left products in the cart and how many products are stuck in the abandoned checkout cart. With the help of this feature, turn a potential lead to your customer.
  8. Canned Report – Now get category-wise reports from the canned report tab. This advanced feature of Store AI Analytics schedules and generates reports every day at a fixed time. The report will contain data for products sold, abandoned checkout details, customer info, inventory in-stock & out-stock details, and a lot more. Store owners can email the report to themselves, download it, and also view sample data from the report. As a store owner, you will be able to see information like the last modified time of the reports.

You will surely get all the features in various applications available in the Shopify app marketplace, but getting all of these in one, is a tough challenge. Developers of this application inbring new features that are automatically synced with the existing installation.

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