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Generative AI Development

Our artificial intelligence development service uses language-driven models to help enterprises simplify the data complexity involved in queries. Simply type in a query in your words and let Gen Ai and LLM work their magic.

To make this happen, we work closely with the organizations to design, develop, and integrate Gen AI models tailored to their workflows and Business Intelligence objectives. Our expert team uses deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, and reinforcement learning technologies to create domain-specific Gen AI products.

Our Gen AI Development Process

Artificial Intelligence Consulting Service

InstaMart AI Inc. starts with comprehensive generative AI consulting, allowing businesses to understand the potential of incorporating data-powered automation. Our AI engineers scrutinize workflows and pinpoint areas for improvement based on qualitative and quantitative assessment. Following the insights, we plan to develop and deploy generative AI models for specific use cases.

Data Analysis

Analyzing the business data brings valuable insights. Our data analysts specialize in extracting meaningful information from any kind of dataset, whether structured or unstructured. This helps us map clearer patterns and actionable frameworks to understand and optimize organizational processes.

Custom LLM Development

Leveraging data insights, we optimize Large Language Models as per business requirements. Initially, we use a pre-trained model, followed by the preparation of your proprietary data. We train the model with your data using advanced fine-tuning techniques, guaranteeing precise, domain-specific responses from your custom LLM.

Gen AI Solutions Development

We excel in creating robust solutions across diverse domains, whether you want to offer artificial intelligence as a service for the end user or direct its impact towards in-house capabilities. Our artificial intelligence services company uses natural language generation and machine learning algorithms such as RNNs, Transformers, Markov Chain, GANs, and Autoencoders to achieve this. These algorithms are carefully configured and trained according to industry standards, ensuring the development of high-quality generative AI solutions.

Generative AI Integration

New model integration is facilitated through Generative Integration, an advanced method that leverages Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). This approach automates the secure creation of integration pipelines, simplifying connecting diverse systems and data sources. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of generative AI, allowing you to leverage its capabilities without encountering obstacles or complications.

Maintenance & Support

After successful integration, ongoing maintenance becomes essential to uphold the optimal performance of your generative AI models. We keep the software up-to-date with the latest versions and patch updates. Additionally, we use a robust support system for addressing inquiries, obtaining SLAs (Service Level Agreements) on bug reports, and ensuring timely fixes to any issues that may arise during operation.

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Gen AI Services
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Our Workflow Model for Gen AI Development

Try it, Learn It and Setup for your Enterprise with the gained experience.
Objective & Scope
Define project goals.
Data Preparation
Organize and structure datasets.
Model Development & Training
Build and refine AI models.
Deployment & Support
Implement and maintain solutions.

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