AI Chatbots for Facebook

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Syra, AI Chatbots for Facebook!

Syra is a multi-platform fully automated AI Chatbot, that helps online store owners in engaging and supporting customers in real-time!

In the current era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) , chatbots are fast becoming a useful tool for customer engagements , collecting information, collecting leads and automating mundane tasks. The chatbots are intelligent enough, to also be able to transfer the baton to a human expert, in case a query cannot currently be answered by the chatbot.

The power of a chatbot is truly realised when it is integrated well with common social media platforms like Facebook. 

Such a chatbot can engage with customers , understand and answer the FAQs that customers have, collect leads in an automated manner, provide information about the products / services & much more !!!

For a faster, cheaper, smarter and more human-like response to your customers, deploy & try out the Syra AI Chatbots for Facebook today!

You may also contact us for installation & other queries, however in case you would like to install the application on your own. Read on..

Below is a detailed installation guide to embed the Syra Chatbot on to your Facebook Messenger :- 


  • Facebook Page: – A Facebook page will be used as the identity of your bot. When people chat with your app, they will see the page name and page profile picture.
  • Facebook Developer Account: – Your developer account is required to create new apps, which forms the core of any Facebook integration.
  • Facebook App: – The Facebook App contains the settings for your messenger bot, including access tokens.
  • Webhook URL: – Actions that take place in conversation with your bot, such as new messages are sent to, as events to your webhook.

Setup steps:

To create a new app, go to your app dashboard and click on ‘Add a new App’.


Give the App Name as well email id to register your app. Here is the screenshot.


  • Add the messenger platform to your Facebook app.
  • In the sidebar of your app settings under ‘PRODUCTS’, click ‘+ADD Product’.


  • Choose Messenger and click the ‘Set Up’ button.


  • After logging into Facebook for Developer account go to the Setting from the sidebar menus.
    Login > Setting > Basic
  • Now, copy App Id, App Secret and change the settings as per the requirement.


  • Go to Settings > Advance and set the “Allow API Access to App Settings” slider to yes as shown below :-





  • Open the Facebook Pages ‘About’ page and then copy and save the Page ID.
  • Next, again go to Facebook to the developer’s account. Go to Messenger option and from there go to Access Token.

Messenger > Access Token > Select a Page

From the drop-down list of Select a Page, choose your page which is created. Automatically the page access token will be generated.


  • Next to Web-hook, select the page from the list and add the page subscription to the web-hook.


  • Now on the Webhooks from the left sidebar, click on Edit Subscription.


  • Add the call back URL as well as the Verify Token and click on Verify and Save. This step will create a messaging end between chatbot application and messenger page.
  • Copy.
  • https://natura.syra.ai/facebook/webhook.
  • FB_VERIFY_TOKEN and paste it in your Callback URL and verify token option. Click verify and save.


  • Now, let’s go to link http://chatbots.syra.ai and create a new project there.
  • Next, let’s go to the “Customize” section and click on the “Embed” button.
  • Now, click on “Embed To Facebook” button.



  • From there click on the Embed to the Facebook button. Give your page access token and Page Id here and Save.


  • Go back to your Messenger App and test your Bot.
  • Congratulations !!! Your Bot is ready to use.


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AI Chatbots for Facebook
AI Chatbots for Facebook

$19.99 / month

$19.99 / month

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