Cloud DevOps and Automations

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Welcome from InstaMart Team!

No job is small for us. So, you can reach us for any DevOps related tasks. We will get back immediately. For urgent matters, you can also whatsapp us.

Do you need support in any of the following areas? We are here to help. Just choose and reach us.

  1. Design DevOps architecture
  2. Setting up security and safety of your application and data
  3. Autoscaling
  4. Load Balancing
  5. Setting up gateways
  6. Setting RDSs
  7. Setting up CICD pipelines
  8. Or your custom requirements

” Without DevOps efforts, it is like leaving an application to stay secure and scale fast automatically, which never happens.” – Aparajeeta Das, CEO, InstaMart.ai

Cloud vendors have done a great job already by reducing IT administrative efforts for all organizations. Remember those days, when we had to setup a Hadoop cluster on premise? Luckily we don’t have to do those anymore. It does save massive amount of $$$$$ and also time. However, each application on the cloud still require configurations to keep those safe and scalable ready. Surely we don’t have to gather wires and hard disks physically anymore for these, but we still need to configure for autoscaling as applies, yes with less efforts. Setting up CICD pipeline requires deep understanding of how to manage and maintain infrastructure concepts. Server load balancing is way simpler now but need special skills still.

We do understand the complete ideologies and methods for operationizing applications in the cloud. 

So we provide services in AWS, Azure and GCP cloud, the end to end DevOps Solutions. 

In our practice, we categorize the DevOps tasks into 5 following Pillars.

Reach Us For More

DevOps Delivery Style

At times some DevOps tasks are actually small but critical. We will support those on a ticket basis. You can create the tickets in your scrum boards or we can provide access to our ticket systems too.

Or, you might have a bigger DevOps Project which might require designing of it end to end. We can handle these with an SOW and on a project basis.

So, all options are available. We care so that you get your services done fast and in an cost effective way. We are always eager to learn about your challenges and challenge ourselves to solve it asap.


Our Approach

Our Approach is to fit our delivery programs to your organization culture and logistics.

Kindly schedule a quick session with us. We will share greater details.


How Much Does It Cost

Setting up budget for the project is a crucial aspect. We will give you a transparent and a detailed cost break down after we go through your business requirements. It will cost exactly what is right and fair fitting to your budget. You will be never limited to your capacity but will get empowered to dream even more. We will provide you those wings. Share your business pains and requirements with us today. We together will solve those. Ok?

Request Quote

Share your detailed requirement to get a quotation. Our planning engineering team will analyze and give you a detailed plan and the cost break ups.

Contact Us

We will get back within 24 hours.

Share your detailed requirement to get a quotation. Our engineers will analyze and give you a detailed cost break up.

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