Top 5 Awarded Chatbots for Shopify Stores

Chatbots can help in successful business turnovers. Apparently, chatbots focus on increasing sales and make the communication flow with customers, a smooth process. But still, there are some that stand out from the rest, and here are the top 5 chatbots for your Shopify store.

Tidio: Tidio is a trio, it increases sales, promises customer satisfaction, and it is FREE! It takes about 30 secs to install it. It is a chatbot that can help in responding to your customer when you are not available to answer their queries. The free plan is simply great but they also have a paid plan of $18/month. Here is Tidio in detail.

Pros: Good pricing structure, has the potential to increase sales by 40%, supports multiple languages making it a global chatbot in demand.

Cons: Doesn’t integrate with Facebook or messenger which is a hub of customers from a conversational bot. 

Canary – AI Chatbot: An eCommerce Chatbot that offers Smart Shopping Assistant, Automated Customer Service, and Customer Analytics. It is a conversational chatbot that will help to sell products and services and at the same time offer support to your customers. It also launches an omnichannel eCommerce chatbot and it is easy to set up. Here is more information about Canary.

Pros: Good analytical study, easy to install, automated customer service available. Canary has the ability to turn a conversation into leads.

Cons: Highly-priced in comparison to the chatbot available in the market. Only one plan is available which means businesses cannot choose the plan they need.

Syra AI Chatbot: A conversational AI chatbot that offers six specific templates to meet your business app. You can sell more and save time. With the help of this chatbot, you can set FAQs, recommend products, allow your customers to look up order status, remind store visitors about abandoned products, promote store discounts, and ask visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Syra AI Chatbots is free to install but includes in-app charges. The in-app purchase facilitates enterprises to pay only for the templates, which they use. To know about these six templates and what they offer click below.

Pros: AI-powered cognitive chatbot, business need features, only pay for what you use. Six templates for variant uses. 

Cons: Human assistance is missing, which can be a problem for service-oriented businesses.

Gobot AI Chatbot + Quiz: Unique as its name, this AI Chatbot supports customers with an interesting quiz. This chatbot helps shoppers find products, automate repetitive support, and collect data + opt-ins. You can personalize your email/ad/SMS marketing campaigns. Godot is here to reduce the customer support burden for your fast-growing Shopify store. And just like Syra AI Chatbot, Godot also offers free installation but has in-app purchase charges.

Pros: User-friendly, easy to install, intuitive, and amazing user interface. Ready to use templates as per your business needs.

Cons: Customer support is not prompt enough. Therefore, people are unhappy with the app.

Maisie AI Chatbots + Live Chat: Maisie has another trio to offer, which includes boosting your sales & conversions, capturing leads & re-engage them, and reducing support workload. The live chat helps increase your sales and boost your ROI on autopilot mode. The installation charges are $9/month + additional charges and come with a 14-day free trial. Check out this chatbot now.

Pros: All the features of Maisie is available for all the package. Irrespective of the pricing package you choose, you can use all the features of the app. Easy to install. Good for eCommerce business. 

Cons: Integration missing for Slack and Skype which can be a major concern for some store owners.

As a Shopify store owner, you are laser-focused on getting what’s best for your store. With the growing popularity, you will surely need one of these to support your customer and get a detailed analytical report of your store. Choose amongst the best!
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