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Data & Gen AI Services Provides Data Services using AI, ML, and BI technologies for all cloud platforms. 

Our skill set covers from data entry to advanced analytics, Cloud DevOps & beyond.

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NAICs : 54159, 541690, 541618 

(IT Services, IT Staff Augmentations,

Data Services)


43211602 – Information



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Small Business (Micro)
Cert. ID 2035521
Applied for WOSB

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We focus in Data and AI Services.

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Gen AI is finally here. We will hand hold you with Trainings, Enterprise strategies and with a ready to use container to try it today.

We strategize and implement complete Data Governance solutions for the enterprise. Read More ...

We build modern Analytics Systems from the scratch on all cloud platforms and using all modern databases.

We Support A to Z of DevSecOps on AWS, Azure and GCP. Find Details.

Do you need IT Staffing Services only? Visit our Page. 

Our Clients Love Us

“They are pleasure to work with.”

Matt Singerr


“The people cared about the project equally as we did.”


Ricardo boggs

Director, IT

“They brought in the best support to us.”


Kumar Mankala

Advisor, AI/ML Program at SCE


1. Have gained knowledge working for Fortune 500 companies on what works.
2. Have access to the best data leaders’ skills including architects, engineers and trainers.
3. Capable of End to End system management in any data domain using BI, ML and AI.

Core Competencies

1. Data System Management and Business Intelligence Reporting - Data Strategy & Data Governance - Building Modern AI, ML-based -Data Lakes and developing DW & -BI Systems from scratch - Enterprise Data Platform Analysis & Optimization - Cloud Data Management - All Data Related Initiatives (No job is small for us).
2. IT Staff Augmentation - Project Managers, Tech Engineers, Data Entry or Support Professional.

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