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AI Breakthrough in Early Detection of PCOS: The Story of Diana
AI to Solve the UFOs Paradox: NASA Report Comes After Mexico Hit Headlines
AI Analysis Reveals New Insights in Jeffery Epstein’s Death
AI Camera Tell Cops the Car With 112 Grams of Crack Cocaine

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Generative AI Expected to Cause 2.4 million Job Losses in the US by 2030

In as much as the company reported that only four employees were directly impacted by the changes, the reality is that editors of the Spanish Language media ...

AI Voice Deepfakes Con Customers $200K in Three Days

Pindrop’s review of phone calls revealed that financial call centers receive more than 5 billion calls annually.  Between 1,000 and 10,000 calls out of these ...

AI Chatbot Designed to be Sentient: Top Google Engineer’s Claims Ignored and Fired Now Resurface

Nobody took Lemoine’s concerns seriously. Now that AI chatbots are convincing men into suicide, perhaps it’s time to relook at the claims made by Blake.

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Interesting AI Articles

How to Improve Business Performance with DeepBrain AI Studio

When DeepBrain AI launched AI studios in support of HD videos with virtual humans, its revenue doubled as businesses moved with speed to benefit from these new ...

Top 10 New AI Jobs With Hefty Pay Checks

One of the most direct outcomes of the AI revolution is the surge in demand for professionals who can develop, design, and maintain AI systems.

How Artificial Intelligence Has Improved the Workplace

AI has profoundly impacted the workplace, bringing about significant improvements across multiple dimensions. From automation of repetitive tasks to enhanced ...

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