No Job is Small for Engineering Team.

InstaMart.AI provides Data and AI Services Globally.

InstaMart.AI provides the following services : Gen AI Solutions, Cloud Data Lake, MDM and Data Governance Services, DevOps Services and IT staff Augmentation in all states in USA. 

US Government Pertinent Codes

NAICs : 54159, 541690, 541618

(IT Services, IT Staff Augmentations,

Data Services)


43211602 – Information



Instamart’s Licenses and Certifications are as follows:  Small Business (Micro)
Cert. ID 2035521; Applied for WOSB

InstaMart.AI engineers work for Fortune 500 companies like BTI, EcoTrak, TexIsle, Amgen, eBay, Apple, Amazon, Google and many more

InstaMart provides Data Lake, Gen AI, Data Governance, DevOps & Staffing Services.

InstaMart Leverages Data Science & AI Expertise

We are better because we are Project’s ROI driven. Everything else come second.

InstaMart's Press Mentions are at Forbes, Cision and many more.

Customized AI solutions for business growth.

Secure and compliant data governance solutions.

Scalable, secure, and efficient data management.

Streamlined software delivery and automation.

Do you need IT Staffing Services only? Visit our Page. 

Our Founder's Clients Love Us and Reviewed us as follows.

“They are pleasure to work with.”


Matt Singer


“They care about our system as much we do.”


Ricardo boggs

Director, IT

“They brought in the best support to us.”


Kumar Mankala

Advisor, AI/ML Program at SCE

InstaMart.AI's values are to be innovative and reliable.


Drive business evolution through tech advancements.


Trust in robust solutions for seamless operations.


Ensure data safety with our secure frameworks.

InstaMart.AI provides AI News to keep the community latest.

Self-service analytics enable users to access, analyze, and visualize data sans IT expertise. While empowering, it brings data governance challenges. How do ...

To protect nature, wildlife, and Elephants, Indian Railways built an AI software named "Gajraj AI" to avoid Elephant rail accidents. The Gajraj AI software ...

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