The New ChatGPT Alternatives

Let’s revisit the virality of ChatGPT so you can get an idea of what it means to be an alternative to OpenAI’s chatbot. Alibaba’s Tongyi Qianwen is not the ...

AI Chatbot Designed to be Sentient: Top Google Engineer’s Claims Ignored and Fired Now Resurface

Nobody took Lemoine’s concerns seriously. Now that AI chatbots are convincing men into suicide, perhaps it’s time to relook at the claims made by Blake.

Making AI-generated Art Copyrightable: US Copyright Office Seeks Public Opinion as New York Registers AI-assisted Work

There seems to be a glimpse of hope after the US Copyright Office launched a public opinion search to inform how it will grant copyrights for AI-generated art ...

How AI is Revolutionizing Self-Service Support

Customer service has substantially changed in the quick-changing digital world, and self-service assistance is now an essential component of the customer ...

ChatGPT with Illegal Data Scrapping Risks New York Times’ Lawsuit

The possible move by The New York Times to sue OpenAI could mean complete doom for ChatGPT with a possible $150,000 for each piece of infringement.

Generative AI for US Defense: New Task Force Lima

In as much as the Pentagon is taking an early lead on Digital Warfare and putting up measures to seal off all its vulnerabilities, citizens will continue to ...

How AI is taking over Journalism: New Coalition to Sue Google and OpenAI

In India, Sana and Lisa are renowned AI news anchors that have lived long enough on your television. Recently, Google unveiled AI news writer Genesis capable ...

Mystery in AI Chatbot Diagnosis and Research

When it comes to ChatGPT and medical diagnosis, much has changed in the modern world. Chatbots like Chat GPT-4 are commonly used by students in research ...

How AI Girlfriend Exploit Lonely Boyfriends to Make $72k In a Week

Loneliness in a marriage or relationship is a reality most people don’t want to accept. Artificial Intelligence girlfriend, CarynAI is now exploiting this ...

Why AI Regulation? Biden is “the AI”: Safeguarding Artificial Intelligence

You probably have wishes for your childhood or youth when you have the energy to push limits. President Joe Biden made a joke of being AI in his announcement ...

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