Corporate Strategy
Which Industries Will Benefit Most from Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is transforming industries across the globe, revolutionizing the way businesses operate and opening up new opportunities for growth and ...

How Artificial Intelligence Has Improved the Workplace

AI has profoundly impacted the workplace, bringing about significant improvements across multiple dimensions. From automation of repetitive tasks to enhanced ...

AI an Alternative to Conventional Programming Business Case

Intelligent virtual assistants can be programmed to handle a wide range of customer inquiries and provide instant responses, significantly reducing the need ...

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Enterprise Data Governance: The Why, How & Best Practices

Traditional approaches to data governance have largely failed to meet the desired performance objectives due to the changing digital environment. Enterprise ...

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Harnessing the Power of Data Governance and Digital Transformation for Business Growth

The post-pandemic period has been characterized by an economic slowdown and geopolitical interruptions. The situation is still grave in some parts of Ukraine ...

AI-Powered Preventive Maintenance Saves Lives

Across the U.S., there are 3,000 incidents of utility poles catching fire each year, many of which are caused by leakages and damages to a pole that went ...

Online Ads Touchpoint Paths of E-Commerce Site Visitors

Every marketer craves to convert web visitors into leads. A B2B study from this year shows that the vast majority of website visitors don’t buy. The good news ...

How Five Industries Are Using Computer Vision Technologies

Computer vision has been around for decades, but in recent years, technologies have been advancing by leaps and bounds. Computer vision is an application of ...

Data Governance Setup: An Approach to Success

Data is the fuel that propels organizations past stiff competition. It is the secret behind developing new revenue sources for business.  Designing data ...

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