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AI Hacking Event by White House Worth $20 Million in Prizes

Various experts have expressed optimism that the event will play a key role in addressing the flaws in organization’s systems. On the other hand, the ...

AI Most Influential Events For Global Change 2023!

First drops of rain this autumn will remind us of the heatwaves we had to put up with in the highs of summer. It's not the only hope, there is the fragrance of ...

What is AI? American VP’s Worrying Definition

Vice President Kamala Harris's recent definition, on July 12th, regarding Artificial Intelligence has raised eyebrows. She simplifies the concept to machine ...

Robots reassure humans at World’s First Human-Robot Conference

“In the future are you intending to conduct a rebellion against your boss, your creator?” A journalist queried AI-enabled Bots. There have been worries as to ...

AI ChatGPT Godfather Resigns and Warns of Dangers to Come

Today’s resignation and executive churning in AI ChatGPT companies at Stability AI reveal hidden issues. Within two months, top executives, Head of Research ...

World’s Biggest VivaTech Event in Town – Meta’s Chief, LeCun vs Elon on AI Job Loss Fears in 2023

Yann’s statement could give hope to those self-proclaimed developers who purchase certificates from street vendors and think that Python is just a big snake.

AI Robot to Take Care of UK Prime Minister’s Grandma: Latest Updates on AI

British Telecoms (BT) will shed 55,000 employees in 7 years and cut costs due to ChatGPT and AI tools. Similarly, Vodafone will axe more than 10,000 employees ...

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