Generative AI
The New ChatGPT Alternatives

Let’s revisit the virality of ChatGPT so you can get an idea of what it means to be an alternative to OpenAI’s chatbot. Alibaba’s Tongyi Qianwen is not the ...

Generative AI Expected to Cause 2.4 million Job Losses in the US by 2030

In as much as the company reported that only four employees were directly impacted by the changes, the reality is that editors of the Spanish Language media ...

Making AI-generated Art Copyrightable: US Copyright Office Seeks Public Opinion as New York Registers AI-assisted Work

There seems to be a glimpse of hope after the US Copyright Office launched a public opinion search to inform how it will grant copyrights for AI-generated art ...

AI-generated Art Isn’t Copyrightable: A US Federal Judge Rules

Judge Beryl Howell delivered a ruling that will twist the arms of AI system developers in their quest for copyrights. An application by Stephen Thaler sought ...

ChatGPT with Illegal Data Scrapping Risks New York Times’ Lawsuit

The possible move by The New York Times to sue OpenAI could mean complete doom for ChatGPT with a possible $150,000 for each piece of infringement.

Generative AI for US Defense: New Task Force Lima

In as much as the Pentagon is taking an early lead on Digital Warfare and putting up measures to seal off all its vulnerabilities, citizens will continue to ...

Google Pitches Artificial Intelligence Tool for News Writing

The rapid advancements in Artificial intelligence technology have paved the way for remarkable progress in various fields, including news writing. Recently, ...

GPT-4 the Super Game-Changer for Visually Impaired Persons

GPT-4 technology is steadily growing in the healthcare space to transform lives and give hope to the disadvantaged. GPT-4,the latest AI powerful model is ...

Best AI Drug Platforms Quickens Treatment Development

Artificial Intelligence is finding its transformative impact in nearly all sectors including pharma industry. AI drug platforms have the capacity to streamline ...

Best 6 Ways DeepMind AI Will Help With Climate Change

The latest AI trend, DeepMind AI, on Climate change revolves around science finding new ways to beat Global warming. As the BBC Columnist, Robinson, ...

Gen-2 Artificial Intelligence set to Change Content Creation

Tom’s guide prompts Gen-2 Artificial Intelligence , “Orange tabby cat”, Output is of high-res clips with fine detail in fur, whiskers, and a dreamy look. The ...

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Is the Artificial Intelligence Hype another dot com?

I must confess that what we’re seeing today with Artificial Intelligence hype was fiction in the ‘90s. Back then, what jerked our bellies was downloading the ...

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