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AI Breakthrough in Early Detection of PCOS: The Story of Diana

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most neglected conditions in medical establishments with a greater impact on marriages. AI has moved into this ...

AI Camera Tell Cops the Car With 112 Grams of Crack Cocaine

Now in most cities, the Artificial Intelligence Camera eyes watch over the dark corners of the street and the straight lines of the highway to tell cops about ...

AI to Solve the UFOs Paradox: NASA Report Comes After Mexico Hit Headlines

It’s only a few hours before NASA in its capacity as the government of the cosmos presents a UAP Study report. With the James Webb Space Telescope Launched in ...

AI Analysis Reveals New Insights in Jeffery Epstein’s Death

On August 10, 2019, the controversial death of a 66-year-old wealthy financier and a sex trafficker died by suicide in one of the most secure jails, New York ...

AI Voice Deepfakes Con Customers $200K in Three Days

Pindrop’s review of phone calls revealed that financial call centers receive more than 5 billion calls annually.  Between 1,000 and 10,000 calls out of these ...

AI Chatbot Designed to be Sentient: Top Google Engineer’s Claims Ignored and Fired Now Resurface

Nobody took Lemoine’s concerns seriously. Now that AI chatbots are convincing men into suicide, perhaps it’s time to relook at the claims made by Blake.

AI Restores A Stroke Patient’s Voice After 2 Decades of Silence

The 47-year-old Ann who lost her voice due to a stroke has it back after Artificial Intelligence restored her ability to speak. Not all who suffer a ...

How Police Use AI in Facial Recognition 1 million Times

After scrapping 30 billion images from Facebook, the company now claims 100% accuracy. Despite these claims, the company CEO, Hoan Ton-That would not take the ...

How AI is used in Analyzing Multiple James Webb Telescope Images

We may have a lot of misgivings about AI for the pains and AI-related job losses we’re seeing in our workplaces. However, when it comes to analyzing images ...

AI Causes Pain to Women and Children: Very Soon Your Likeness Will Appear on Nonconsensual Deep Fake Porn

Pornbots can now steal your identity from the social media platforms such as Instagram and generate AI revenge porn. It will take you a painful process and ...

Google AI Chat Service introduces Swahili Language

Google AI’s latest move towards embracing diversity and inclusion has brought Swahili to Bard, opening up a world of possibilities for Swahili speakers. This ...

Replika AI Best for Stress Treatment

With no doubt, AI has revolutionized the interaction between humans and technology. Replika the AI therapist serves as a source of emotional support and mental ...

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