AI Restores A Stroke Patient’s Voice After 2 Decades of Silence

The 47-year-old Ann who lost her voice due to a stroke has it back after Artificial Intelligence restored her ability to speak. Not all who suffer a ...

ChatGPT with Illegal Data Scrapping Risks New York Times’ Lawsuit

The possible move by The New York Times to sue OpenAI could mean complete doom for ChatGPT with a possible $150,000 for each piece of infringement.

How Police Use AI in Facial Recognition 1 million Times

After scrapping 30 billion images from Facebook, the company now claims 100% accuracy. Despite these claims, the company CEO, Hoan Ton-That would not take the ...

Generative AI for US Defense: New Task Force Lima

In as much as the Pentagon is taking an early lead on Digital Warfare and putting up measures to seal off all its vulnerabilities, citizens will continue to ...

Cybersecurity: Will AI Replace Human Involvement?

While AI has made significant advancements in various fields, including cybersecurity, it is a fact that AI alone cannot replace human inputs when it comes to ...

AI Hacking Event by White House Worth $20 Million in Prizes

Various experts have expressed optimism that the event will play a key role in addressing the flaws in organization’s systems. On the other hand, the ...

AI’s Super Transformative Role on Maternal Health

By analyzing a pregnant woman's medical history, vitals, and other relevant data, artificial intelligence can predict the likelihood of developing ...

How AI is used in Analyzing Multiple James Webb Telescope Images

We may have a lot of misgivings about AI for the pains and AI-related job losses we’re seeing in our workplaces. However, when it comes to analyzing images ...

AI Causes Pain to Women and Children: Very Soon Your Likeness Will Appear on Nonconsensual Deep Fake Porn

Pornbots can now steal your identity from the social media platforms such as Instagram and generate AI revenge porn. It will take you a painful process and ...

How AI is taking over Journalism: New Coalition to Sue Google and OpenAI

In India, Sana and Lisa are renowned AI news anchors that have lived long enough on your television. Recently, Google unveiled AI news writer Genesis capable ...

Google Pitches Artificial Intelligence Tool for News Writing

The rapid advancements in Artificial intelligence technology have paved the way for remarkable progress in various fields, including news writing. Recently, ...

Mystery in AI Chatbot Diagnosis and Research

When it comes to ChatGPT and medical diagnosis, much has changed in the modern world. Chatbots like Chat GPT-4 are commonly used by students in research ...

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