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Content Writers Now Walk Dogs as ChatGPT Takes Away Their Jobs

The 70% of employees who will survive ChatGPT must sharpen their skills beyond the basics and offer something a little more...

World’s New Sweating AI Robot Spotted in The Streets

You probably heard that it was said that robots don’t breathe, sweat, or shiver! We know them as mechanical or electronic devices, without a biological system ...

AI Robot to Take Care of UK Prime Minister’s Grandma: Latest Updates on AI

British Telecoms (BT) will shed 55,000 employees in 7 years and cut costs due to ChatGPT and AI tools. Similarly, Vodafone will axe more than 10,000 employees ...

Georgia Man Now Sues ChatGPT For Calling Him a Thief

Employees have had a fair share of fear that ChatGPT will render workers jobless. However, no one has proved to have iron balls enough to take legal action ...

Robot Bees are the Next Hope for A Dying World

Every year we celebrate World Bee Day on May 20 to remind us that while we hate bee stings, we’re frightened to live in a world without them. The US Department ...

Congress Protest As AI Traffic Cameras Detect Thousands of Traffic Violations Within Hours of Installation

Between 8 am and 5 pm, Artificial Intelligence (AI) traffic Cameras reported a world record violation of 28, 891 in Kollam district. AI could be a game changer ...

Investors are Suddenly Courting the Silver of Silicon: AI Chips are the Hottest Deals

Chips that power video games lived on top of the table of priority for long among investors. Lately, the silver of silicon – Artificial Intelligence (AI) ...

OpenAI CEO Accused of Blackmail in His World Tour

When AI ChatGPT failed in Singapore’s 6th-grade math test, we reignited our hopes in its latest version of large language model, ChaptGPT-4. Today we still ...

AI Stocks Send Mixed Signal with White Hot Promising on Wednesday

It is now two years after the 24-year-old Jack Kellogg made a voluminous kill of USD8 million in 24 months just trading stock. With only five years into his ...

The death of Meta’s Galactica versus ChatGPT’s Limitations – Latest News

Galactica died after three days of living a life intended to last for years.  If we were to write its obituary, Meta’s Galactica would be brief: We are ...

AI Can go Quite Wrong

Early this month, May 2023, The New York Times reported a rather unusual event in which Big names in tech leadership such as Elon Musk, pundits, and ...

Best 3 AI Chatbots to Deliver Amazing Customer Experience

For centuries, Scientific history has it that it’s impossible to see two identical objects swapped back and forth. However, when the news of Google Quantum AI ...

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