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Over 100,000 ChatGPT Plus Accounts Dumped in Dark Web in Worst Attack on Personal Details

Today we’re shocked to find out that over 100,000 ChatGPT plus accounts were dumped into the dark web putting up sensitive personal information for sale.
ChatGPT plus accounts dumped in dark web in worst cyber attack

Every day we wake up to some sort of Artificial Intelligence news. Today we’re shocked to find out that over 100,000 ChatGPT plus accounts were dumped into the dark web putting up sensitive personal information for sale. Other AI news has become part of our daily lives as we wait to see what this new evolution means for the future of the human population.

AI has crept into our work spaces after Google Docs integrated it into google labs. It has made entry into Congress discussions as representatives struggle to put guardrails in a not-so-popular subject with two faces; good and bad! AI lives in bedrooms for both young and old partners and claims to be more intimate. Now Replika is full of dream babes. In hospital screening rooms, company receptions, religious settings and learning institutions.  Just before you think of it, AI is already there …

Access to ChatGPT Plus is Risky!

Let’s look at the cost comparison. A legitimate ChatGPT premium subscription should cost you 20 bucks every month. If you seek to put in some real investment there for one year, you’ll have to pay $240. Surprisingly, those who love a free pie and space on another’s table only pay $24.99 for a hacked account. Walking back home, you can smile for having saved $215.01 in a whole year.

Nonetheless, this time not all were lucky to escape the sword of Raccoon info stealer! This is the malware with a harvesting sword that stocked 101, 134 devices using ChatGPT accounts offered by a hacker. Beginning the month of June 2022 to May, this dreadful malware has been in the dark harvesting ChatGPT credentials. The report now reveals that the most affected countries include the US, France, Indonesia, Morocco, Brazil, and Pakistan.

Hackers Make A Huge Kill in Dark Web

You can be one of the victims whose ChatGPT plus account credentials are floated for sale on the dark web. Group-IB Survey revealed that Raccoon malware had stolen 40.5% of the ChatGPT accounts between May 2022 and June 2023. The threat levels are greater in Asia-Pacific region due to a high number of persons buying hacked accounts.

Assuming the sales do no go according to plan, and hackers only manage to sell 50% of the accounts, they will earn $1,263,669.33. After all, which son of Jezebel will not want free details of credit cards in this generation where only a few are willing to sweat?

Spreading Malware on Facebook

With ChatGPT on the loose, watch out for compromised marketplaces and platforms. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram already had a taste of it when Meta came face-to-face with ChatGPT and 9,000 accounts were compromised.

This is not the first or second-time fakeGPT plus accounts hit these platforms hard, sponsored Facebook posts also had malware. The Trojanized ChatGPT accounts are going to be part of the security debate even as the government seeks to put guardrails. However, initial indications with ISIS-Prompting pictures are a clear indication that the compromised ChatGPT account is not something to take lightly.

Given that OpenAI disabled two-factor authentication, the best security you have is your password. Make it strongest and change it regularly.

Aparajeeeta Das

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